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The music is

not in the notes, 

but in the silence between.


Piano Concert, Performances for clara music students at strathfield townhall.
Yamaha music festival with my student
Music theory games
Music theory time in fun games
Adult begginer piano lessons


My daughter Jane had no piano experience before we met Clara. We started taking piano lessons this year. She has been enjoying her piano lesson time and has improved a lot so far. Clara engages with my daughter very well and Jane is willing to practice everyday! She has been very excited to learn new interesting songs and she always can't wait for lesson time. We are lucky to have Clara as our daughters piano teacher! 


                                      - Jessica Lee

I've been playing piano for quite a long time but wanted to improve on my technique skills. So I started taking lessons with Clara. She has helped me in many aspects such as helping me be able to relax the body and mind. She has guided me step by step so that I can reach my goals. I am much more confident now after meeting Clara. Now I have begun preparing for my piano exam.

Thank you so much Clara! 

                                      -Vanesa Sakota 

I used to play the piano a long time ago when I was a very young. 

I was wanting to get back into it but I had feared I were too old to return. 

Clara guided me back to my old passion and allowed me to remember where I was up to all those years ago.

 Her positive teaching style and her patience made me want to learn more from her. Highly recommend to any of all ages. Coming from a 58 year old!

                                -John Andrews 

Sydney piano lessons

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