Clara is a professional concert pianist and piano teacher with 25 years piano playing and over 10 years teaching experience.

 When she was little, the subject of conversation in her house was always music. Her mother majored in violin and most of her relatives also have majors in music. 

 Clara's family has had music concerts together regularly that naturally gave her musical environment which eventually led her to fall in love with the piano. 

She have even worked in the broadcasting industry as an audio producer and music director on TV & Radio for a number of years. 

  She has met with lots of students of all ages to help them develop the skills and knowledge.

 Clara also accompanies students for AMEB, School examinations, Auditions and performances.



 Clara studied at Kookmin University in Seoul (Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance)

During that time she was awarded a large scholarship in University. 

 Clara has been able to participate in many music concerts, wedding, corporate events, accompanied with other instruments. 




Events & Accompaniments