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 When she was little, the subject of conversation in her house was always music. Her mother majored in violin and most of her relatives also have majors in music. 

Clara's family has had music concerts together regularly that naturally gave her musical environment which eventually led her to fall in love with the piano. Clara has playing piano over 25 years and taught piano lessons for over 10 years to both children and adults. 

She holds degree in Performance of music at Kookmin university in Seoul. She has performed spaces in Korea, Japan, Australia in music concerts, wedding, corporate events, accompanied with other instruments and worked in the broadcasting industry as an audio producer on TV & Radio for a number of years. 

"As a teacher, my aim is to help students unlock the meaning and message of any piece of music. For me, teaching and learning are both about exploration, inquiry and experimentation. And I approach each lesson fully committed to spark a student’s imagination and musical understanding through these principles. The joy in my teaching is seeing students’ ideas develop and being there to guide them each step of the way!

Together with my students, we discover a wide range of repertoire. 

I’ve taught students ages 4 to 70, and have found that at every age, the discovery of how music can communicate and connect people is richly rewarding."



Events & Accompaniments

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