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When Clara was young, the predominant topic of discussion in her household was always music. With her mother majoring in Violin and proficient in cello, guitar and mandolin, and the majority of her relatives holding music majors, she was naturally immersed in a musical environment shaped by her family.


Regular music concerts became a cherished family tradition, fostering an atmosphere that inevitably fueled Clara's passion for the piano. Over the course of 25 years, Clara has been dedicated to honing her skills at the piano and has spent more than a decade imparting invaluable piano lessons to both children and adults.


Her academic journey culminated in a degree in Performance of music from Kookmin University in Seoul, where she not only mastered the technical intricacies of piano but also delved into the profound artistry that makes her performances truly exceptional. Beyond her expertise at the piano, Clara has showcased her musical talents in various esteemed venues across Korea, Japan, and Australia, gracing concerts, weddings, and corporate events with her harmonious presence alongside other accomplished musicians.


In addition to her remarkable performance endeavours, Clara ventured into the dynamic realm of the broadcasting industry, where she served as an audio producer on TV and radio for several years. This diverse background not only enriched her musical perspective but also added significant depth to her experiences in the world of music, shaping her into a versatile and accomplished artist.












As a teacher, I aim to help students unlock the meaning and message of any piece of music. For me, teaching and learning are both about exploration, inquiry and experimentation. I approach each lesson fully committed to sparking a student’s imagination and musical understanding through these principles. The joy in my teaching is seeing students’ ideas develop and being there to guide them each step of the way!

Together with my students, we discover a wide range of repertoire. 

I’ve taught students ages 4 to 70, and have found that at every age, the discovery of how music can communicate and connect people is richly rewarding."



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