Ear Training 


Sight Reading


 Your favourite parts


Scale &Chord


Music Theory








# Fully qualified teacher who is reliable gives you relaxing environment.

# Piano lessons at Concord piano studio with a grand piano or your home with your piano.

# Teaching all level from very beginners to advanced students.

# Adult students ! It's never too late to learn piano. Everyone's absolutely welcome! 

# All lessons are tailored to your individual goal.

# Approaches to new technology based education. 

# Various styles of music to motivate students.

# Balanced of teaching (sight reading, ear training, music theory, scale, etc)


# Value student's, parent's time and money. 

# Preparation for AMEB, HSC, school exam, concert.

# Annual piano recital at the end of every year.

# Providing great piano accompaniment.

# Holding WWC: working with children check.


# Studio in Concord

- Located near concord public school and concord High school.

- Concord piano studio have finely tuned 2x Kawai grand piano & 1x Digital piano.

# Lesson fees


- Individual lessons 


  $40 / 30 minute 

  $60 / 45 minute

  $80 / 1 hour

  $120 / 1 hour 30 minute

- If you wish to have longer lessons please contact us.

- Lessons at your home: travelling fee will be added by your location.

- Online lessons are available.

- Group lessons can be arranged upon request.


# Clara music policy 


1. Terms & Conditions


Each students are scheduled for the every full month. 

Signing up for lessons means we reserve a regular spot in the busy schedules for you and your child.

You pay in advance for lessons each therm and in doing so that means no one else can take that spot from you.

Without notice we are not able to fill that spot with another student.

Students are automatically booked for the same time and day for the upcoming month and prepare accordingly for you. School holidays will be scheduled the same day/time as normal unless notified from you.


If you need to make any changes to your lesson schedule please let me know 

at the earliest time possible.



2. Attendance

Please arrive for lessons on time. Due to scheduling constraints, lessons cannot be extended for late arrival.
Students are required to have short, clipped fingernails and also wash their hands before their lesson.

Students can easily be distracted by parents or siblings in the piano room & waiting room. Please respect the lesson environment by being quiet. Mobile phones must be turned on silent mode and please do not make phone calls during the lessons.



3. Cancelation 


If you have to cancel your lesson on the day of scheduled lesson or if student is running too late for lesson a make up lesson cannot be offered regardless of the reason the lesson fee still needs to be paid in full amount.

We cannot guarantee make-up classes for missed lessons as there is limited time to re-schedule. But cancelled lessons can be shifted in to the following month if given notice of 2 days.



4. Termination of Lessons 

A student wishing to terminate lessons is required to give at least two weeks notice.





Parents are advised that photographs of students may be taken during lessons or recitals for placement in the Studio or on the Studio website or on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. 



6. Payment


Lessons fees are pre-paid monthly in advanced depending on what day(s) you want to have your lessons. 

ALL payments (Cash or Bank transfer) are required to be paid before the FIRST WEEK of the month.


7. Lesson contents


In each lesson, we will work on piano repertoire, tone production, music theory, sight reading, ear training, technical studies. Students need to bring their own music books and practice record notes. Music books are not included in lesson fees.

8. Practice


You must have your own piano that is well tuned at home.

Lessons are an exercise in teamwork. The team includes the student, the teacher, and the parent(s). Parents are expected to encourage their children, help them practice daily, and make sure they obtain needed materials.

When parents take an active role in gently encouraging students to practice, students experience more success. 

I recommend to students have recordings each practice time. This is the best way to further develop their musical ear, and their musical sensitivity.

I hope that piano lessons will be a very positive experience for you or your child. 

If you have any concerns, or wish to discuss your student’s progress, please contact me.

Email: claramusic.sydney@gmail.com | Contact number: 0458 434 642