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🎹 Welcome to Clara Music at Concord Piano Studio, where the art of piano meets individualized excellence.

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive and tailored learning experience for students of all levels.

Q: What is Clara's teaching approach at her studio?

A: Clara's teaching approach is centred around building a strong foundation, whether the goal is for leisure or exams. She prioritizes correct and solid learning of the fundamentals, emphasizing that improper piano techniques can lead to physical discomfort and injuries. Clara believes that the quality of sound is directly impacted by technique and that without a flexible approach, producing beautiful music becomes challenging. Her focus is on creating a relaxed playing environment, advocating for the development of a flexible technique. This involves relaxing unnecessary muscles while providing the necessary support to key muscles, ensuring an enjoyable and injury-free piano-playing experience.

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Q: How should I choose the duration of piano lessons for different needs, including beginners and intermediate players?​



  • 30 minutes: Suitable for individuals with short attention spans (e.g., young children), busy schedules, or hobby-oriented learners.

  • 45 minutes: Appropriate for various age groups and skill levels. This duration allows for a balanced approach, combining skill development and exploration within specified grading levels. Ideal for students progressing through grades up to Grade 4.

  • 1 hour: Recommended for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, emphasizing detailed learning, nuanced exploration, and a comprehensive understanding of piano techniques and repertoire. Also suitable for students progressing through grades up to Grade 8 and above.

  • 1.5 hours: Recommended for students preparing for advanced grades and assessments, diploma level, HSC preparation, auditions etc. The extended time allows for thorough preparation, focused practice, and addressing specific requirements associated with higher grading levels.

Q: How is the lesson time structured, and what elements are covered during lesson time?

A: The lesson time is thoughtfully organized to encompass various crucial elements for a well-rounded learning experience. The breakdown typically includes:


Sight Reading or Technique (5-15 minutes): Focused on developing sight reading skills or refining essential techniques, with the duration tailored to the student's specific needs.

Repertoire (20-50 minutes): The core of the lesson, allowing students to immerse themselves in their chosen piano pieces, enhancing skills and mastering selected repertoire.

Music Theory (5-10 minutes): A dedicated time for music theory, ensuring a solid understanding of fundamental concepts that complement practical piano playing.

This flexible structure aims to cater to individual student goals and proficiency levels, providing a customized and enjoyable learning journey.

Q: What styles of music can I learn?

A: You have the flexibility to choose from various music styles, ranging from classical to jazz and Newage, OST, Pop, Rock and so on. Whether you aim to take exams or pursue piano as a hobby, the studio caters to both options, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable learning experience based on your preferences and goals.

Q: How are lessons scheduled?

A: Lessons are scheduled on a monthly basis, provided independently of school terms.

Enrolling guarantees a dedicated slot for personalized one-on-one sessions,

and payment is required in advance each month to secure exclusivity for the chosen time slot.

Q: Can I make changes or cancel lessons, and are there any conditions?

A: To change or cancel a lesson for makeup, a 2-day notice is mandatory before your scheduled time.

Regardless of the reason, full payment is required if a 2-day notice is not provided.

Please note that changes or cancellations for makeup lessons must be communicated at least 2 days in advance and are limited to once per month. While makeup lessons during regular school terms may not be feasible, flexibility can be discussed for school holidays.

Q: Is there flexibility during school holidays or specific considerations?

A: School holidays are typically scheduled for the same day and time as the regular lesson unless you provide alternative notification.

Q: Are there specific expectations for attendance and lesson etiquette?

A: Students are expected to arrive on time, as lessons cannot be extended due to late arrival.

Proper grooming, including short, clipped fingernails, and bringing personal music books are encouraged.

Q: What is the payment process for lessons?

A: The payment process involves settling fees before the first week of each month, and it does not cover examination fees or expenses related to music books.

Q: Is there a refund policy for lesson fees?

A: No, refunds, unless the cancellation is initiated by the teacher.


Q: What if I need to terminate lessons?

A: To terminate lessons, a student is required to provide at least two weeks' notice.

*Learning is considered a team effort involving students, teachers, and parents. Parents are encouraged to support daily practice, assist their children, and ensure they have the necessary materials.






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